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For the writer you're puzzled about, this is the perfect gift for them so their books can become the success they always dreamed about.

Take me! I'm yours!
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There are a lot of new programs and stations springing up almost daily. However, some of them are flippant, others are almost lewd, some of them have outrageous fees to get an interview on them, and others are really good.
The leader of the pack, to many people, is Internet Voices Radio. They have a very lofty goal: to become the Internet equivalent of NPR on the "regular" radio stations.
What makes them stand out from the crowd? They have intelligent, interesting, intriguing, inspirational programs that will challenge you from day to day. Tune in to listen (you can hear them in the archives at . And if you have a yen to try your hand at doing an interview and you think you have something to offer, email either (the producer) or (she has a program Marketing for Fun and Profit! on Monday nights and Vamos a Hablar Espaņol! (Let's speak Spanish) on Thursday nights.

For an e-discussion on how tough this business is, even for a "big time author,", click here.

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Like a box of chocolates, you never know how good they are until you sample them

I usually invite you here to play and have fun. Sorry, but it's time to put the toys away and get down to business. You will find lots of marketing help to make you go from a ho-hum sort-of-selling author to an author who will actually start to see some royalties from your efforts. So come on along. The fun is just beginning. Oh, you thought it wouldn't be fun? I'm here to tell you that marketing can be fun!
As an added incentive, you can get a free Sampler as listed at  the bottom of the Home page. It is a great example of marketing. I announced this to the egroups I belong to, and in less than a week I had sent out over 600 of them. Why? By giving them just the sampling of each of my 14 books--and even a couple of the new ones that aren't out yet--it was like dangling the carrot in front of the horse. Hopefully, some of those 600 people ordered some of the books. In fact I know they did; they've told me so!

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...and about Janet's PromoPaks
Hi Janet,
I bought the Promo Paks e-book.  I haven't read the whole book yet, but what I have read has already helped me more than any of the other books I have on book marketing.  The detailed conversation with a store manager really helped because I had no idea what to say to them.  I will let you know how I do with it. 
From a real author's marketing guru on Janet Elaine Smith's Promo Paks:
These are great! I've been doing this full-time for 3 years now and didn't think there was any room to improve but you've shown me the error in my ways. The dual paks on bookstores, both indies and biggies, was invaluable, as was the info on how to contact, and where, your local and national newspapers. What a wealth of information for not only the beginning book promotor, but a seasoned pro like myself! Thanks for the opportunity to read this wonderful material. Both myself and my clients will benefit from the no doubt intensive and resourceful research you've conducted on our behalf!
Rusty Fischer, Author of GRASS ROOTS BOOK PROMOTION: Almost 300 FREE Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book!

Available exclusively at



Step No. 1 in Making Your Book a Success
The bare bones of a good book depend on a good edit. It is one of the hardest things in the world to do to edit your own work. Why? Because you know what it should say, and that is what you see, not what it actually says.
I have had over 40 years of experience editing. I cut my editing teeth at Bethany House Publishing when I was in college. I have done it, off and on, ever since.
My rates are very reasonable and my turn-around time is quick. If you want to make your book one that will make you proud, email me at .
"Janet is my editor. She is the type of editor every author needs. She made me look better and my words speak with greater passion and power. She was midwife to the birth of Life with Mother. Myriam Maytorena

Different strokes for different folks. Click on logo to learn more.

There are lots of fish in the publishing world, but this one works for me. See why by clicking here (and to see some other options). To see still more information, click on the book. <-----

Making Your Presence Known
In today's technical age, a good website is an absolute must. If you don't have a website, you are missing a huge part of your sales. People want to know about you, the author, and about your books. If you need help with creating a website, click on the icon at the bottom of the page. Help is only a click away.

People w/ computer

Resources Available!
With the Internet available today, you can find almost everything you need with the click of a key. This is one of my favorites, and it works great along with the Personal Marketing Plan. is a site that helps small press authors find book promotion resources on the internet. The site is unique in two ways: it customizes the author's manuscript to its database of book promotion resources; and it promotes a sense of community by helping authors to help each other.

BookConnector’s “Connect to Book Review Sites” service matches a writer’s book to the submission guidelines of online book review sites. After entering your genre and manuscript type (ARC, published book, or e-book), the site will return up to a hundred book review sites that are appropriate for your book. This offers incredible time savings.

BookConnector’s “Connect to Book Reading and Signing Venues” service helps in two ways: it lists both traditional (e.g. bookstores and cafes) and non-traditional (e.g. retail stores or specialty stores) venues that are available for book signings; and it allows authors to describe their experiences with the venues, good and bad, so that other authors can benefit.


Book resources for the Do-It-Yourself Marketer


A great book is like a great mind; it keeps on giving
over and over and over again!
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